How does one feel about this tattoo?
October 15, 2008, 5:41 pm
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Join zee dots

Join zee dots

I think it’s fun, if a little mental, but fun!

Pinched from here.

P.S. is it connect the dots or join the dots. Google says both. I cannae decide.

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It’s ‘join the dots’, without doubt. Think about it, kids aren’t gonna want to do something called ‘connect the dots’ – it sounds far too clinical.

welcome back, hope Espana was good to you.

Comment by Andrew

I kinda love it!

And i’m with Andrew on this one…

Comment by raptureponies

join the dots.

It’s pretty but not a fan of leg tattoos.

Comment by Lottie

hmmm… interesting…. not sure what to think, tbh.

Comment by tina

It’s not something I would ever ever put on myself but I think it looks really quirky and fun on her. although, if you didn’t see it joined up and didn’t know what it was, it would be rather confusing.

Yay for the ‘join the dots’ consensus!

Comment by anneelicious

Mental tattoo but kinda genius too! I think Americans say connect the dots, I’ve always said join.

Comment by Kitty Cat

when it isn’t joined up the leg looks like it has a bad case of melanomas.

Comment by Tom

That is the coolest tattoo that i have ever seen, IT ROCKS!!!!!

Comment by Erin

Well here in America we call it connect the dots. lol
I have always called it that, from the time I learned basic motor skills till now at 20. I’ve never heard “join the dots” before reading this blog. lol
But whatever you wanna call it is prime to me!

Comment by Becca

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